WPC ("Wood Polymer Composite" or ‘’Wood Plastic Composite’’) is an environmentally friendly composite made of biomass/wood fibres and high-quality recycled polymers (HDPE or PP). Wood fibre is the filler while the recycled plastic binds the structure together. HDPE/PP plastics protect the material from adverse weather influences. The combination of natural wood fibres and thermoplastics results in a material that has the look and feel of wood and the durability of plastics. This makes it suitable for outdoor applications from fencing to raised beds.

The fine biomass / wood fibers are obtained from waste materials generated by lumber manufacturers, which are then processed to produce a consistent reinforcing product.

The use of these particles promotes the reclamation of wood waste that would otherwise be sent to landfills and ensures that no new trees are cut down to make the product. Wood-plastic composites also reduce energy use, since they melt at lower temperatures than typical plastics.

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