Ecopost has been a big beneficiary of CSR efforts of numerous local and international organisations. We started using a Kshs. 1 million grant from Safaricom Foundation and entrepreneurship training from Enablis East Africa, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports and BiD Network (Netherlands).

We have borrowed this philosophy and work at being good Samaritans in our society.

We would like to engage with like-minded individuals and organisations to help solve pressing socioeconomic and environmental challenges in Kenya and improve the welfare of our people. Contact Us


The Kenya Copyright Board in partnership with Eco Post Limited destroyed over one ton of confiscated illegal music CDS and film DVDs at the EcoPost Limited premises situated on Baba Dogo Road, Nairobi . The CDs and DVDs earmarked for destruction are drawn from the exhibits of concluded court cases as a result of concerted efforts by the Kenya Copyright Board in collaboration with the Kenya Police and the music/film rights holders such as the Recording Industry Association of Kenya (RIAK) amongst others.

Over the last one year, the Kenya Copyright Board has investigated over 120 raids and prosecuted 108 cases. Persons found guilty of selling and/or handling copyright infringed CD/DVD materials are fined and/or handed custodial sentences with the court ordering the exhibits to be destroyed.

This is the third time that the Kenya Copyright Board will be carrying out such a major destruction operation of copyright infringed DVDs and CDs.

Ecopost Limited will crush and destroy the unauthorised DVDs and CDs in an environmentally friendly approved manner. The crushed material will then be used as fillers in the manufacture of plastic fencing posts which are used as an alternative to timber posts and contribute to the conservation of forests.


EcoPost in partnership with The Clean Kenya Campaign and other partners started a Two Week Short Course on Waste Management and Conversion on the 15th November 2012. Click Here

Lorna and Charles from Ecopost shared with the participants in lessons aimed at teaching participants how to balance competitive business strategies and sustainable development.

Youth groups trained include:

Name of organisation Contact person Mobile Number
1. Waruku Youth Group Brian Moses 0727 332 376
2. Ghetto Arts Promotions Joseph Were 0750 496 928
3. Inuka Kenya Grace Mukunzi 0721 235 228
4. Kamaliza Youth Group Farouk Omondi 0725 905 542
5. Jitihada Youth Geoffrey Oyoo 0716 571 111
6. E.R.I.K.K Awatt Poulter 0725 553 223
7. SNEP Jacob L Matayo 0728 236 887
8. Shepherd S.H.G.C Stanley Didi 0720 827 834
9. Environmental Youth Alliance Nathaniel Cavuel 0717 567 350
10. Y.Y.C Nairobi William Maina 0727 792 703

The start date for the next training session will be communicated in due time. If you are interested please contact us and we will include you in our mailing list for the training.